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#A&J Weekend!

What do you get when you take a shy girl and a handsome sweet talker? Obviously, the perfect match! Meet Anita and Jacob: Two of the sweetest and most genuine people we have ever met, who share a love so deep, that you cannot help but fall in love with them and their story.

Highlight film by LifeStream Pictures

I knew Anita from my college years so when she first reached out to Mint 2 Be to have a conversation, everything about the meeting felt like home. She was a familiar face with such a warm loving personality. It actually took three meetings for Anita to realize she needed a wedding planner. I remember sitting at a dumpling café with her and going “Excuse me? You are moving to NYC and it is your first year as an intern after Med School and you do not need a wedding planner?!? GIRL! You crazy.” But we never pushed too much. Long story short, A few weeks later, Anita gave Mint 2 Be a call and had a change of heart ;)

Anita & Jacob have been one of the most amazing couples to work with. They would tell us what they wanted - let us run with the vision and entrust us to bring it to life without being too involved. Many people won't know this but we had changes of dates for the wedding after signing contracts. Anita & Jacob trusted us completely to manage the process and get everyone realigned on the same page. They truly valued our opinion. We had many great conversations about various elements of the wedding at Cafe Nero on Saturday nights where we could collaborate with them. Those were some of the best conversations during the entire wedding process. It never felt like work. It was more laughter and warm heartfelt moments. I remember Jacob would message us from India to gather opinions on outfits. That really made us smile because it was a collaborate team environment we like to have with our couples. We've never considered our jobs as 9-5 and the fact that our couples feel comfortable calling or messaging anytime makes us feel good about what we do!

Their day started with their wedding ceremony at St. Vasilios Church in Peabody where Jacob was baptized. A beautiful gem in the heart of the suburbs.

The Seaport Hotel is an incredible venue in the heart of the hottest spot in Boston. We had a pleasure working with Melissa and her team working on Florals, room setup and catering. They were able to do an incredible plated menu dinner and bring the Indian culinary experience to life.

When planning Anita and Jacob’s décor and mood boards, I remember Anita saying she wanted it to be soft, romantic vibes and tasteful. We took those words and went with soft blush and champagne tones and brought her vision to life. Thanks Shobha Auntie at Alankar for bringing her vision to life and understanding exactly what we wanted! And for Petals flowers for being able to take what we wanted and make it bigger and better!

For those who know Anita, know that dance is a part of her life. No one better than our very own DJ Yogz & DJ D from Boston Sound and Light to bring the party to life. Through their crazy mixes and of course the ever so popular dance floor, Thuy Pham and Akhil from LifeStream Pictures were there to capture every moment of it!

Anita - your expressions are priceless!!

Why so bored guys?


A&J's wedding was a success and we loved every moment of it!

Highlight film can be watched here: Anita + Jacob


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