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Emmy + Ishaan // The Sky is Pink

Several months prior to Labor Day, we received a phone call requesting help in planning for their son's wedding on the same days we had a commitment to with another client in New Orleans. In full transparency, we informed Aditi (the mother) that we will not be able to help her. In response to the bad news, she asked if we had ever seen the movie "Sky is Pink" featuring Priyanka Chopra. Tanvi, the owner of Mint To Be Events, of whom was handling the conversation suggested that being a mother of her own, and having been pregnant at the time the movie had came out did not watch the film fearing that the plot of the movie may be too emotional from what she had heard.

(The actual family and the actors depicting the family from the movie "Sky is Pink". Image borrowed from

Surprisingly, this became the start of a very close relationship between Tanvi and the mother, Aditi Chaudhary. Aditi explained that the movie was based on her real life story, and that Priyanka Chopra played her role. Without spoiling the movie, the essence of the film is based around the family members' relationship with Aisha Chaudhary as she suffered a life threatening disease and the family's battle to keep hope alive.

After watching the film, and nearly cleaning out all of the Kleenex boxes in her house, Tanvi felt an immediate connection, almost like a daughter to their family that it was almost imperative that she became a part of their family's milestone moment, which was the wedding of her son, Ishaan's wedding to Emmy.

(Left: Rohit Sharaf acting the role of Ishaan Chaudhary. Right: OUR GROOM, the actual Ishaan Chaudhary. Pic borrowed from

AND SO THE PLANNING BEGAN! Our contractual commitment to Aditi was to provide pre-planning service only and get her in the position to host an amazing event at her apartment in Downtown Boston. At the first walkthrough, Tanvi made her way to the Chaudhary's apartment building where the concierge sent us all the way to the penthouse which featured panoramic views of the city. More importantly, Tanvi was greeted by not only Aditi, but her husband Niren and their lovely dog. While the film highlighted some of Niren's amazing resume, including being the CEO of Global KFC, president of Yum Brands we also learned in that conversation that he was the CEO of Krispy Kreme and is currently the CEO of Panera Bread.

(photo borrowed from

As the two of them continued to rave about their children, Ishaan and (soon to be daughter-in-law) Emmy, one can tell how excited they were to plan this wedding in the most grandiose but most intimate way. But more importantly, you can sense the amount of love they have for one another. We learned in the same coversation, that Ishaan and Emmy are polished musicians. Ishaan also created a track dedicated to his sister, which was also featured in the movie. the song title is "For Aisha".

(customary selfie from our owner, Tanvi at the first walkthru)

It may have been Aisha's wish from heaven that on her brother's wedding day, Hurricane Ida knocked out the power in New Orleans, and travel plans to service our other booking were ultimately diverted in good fortunes for the Chaudhary's, because now we were able to physically be part of their celebration.

Please enjoy Emmy and Ishaan's story via these wonderful images produced by Through My Lenz Photography.

The wedding was very exclusive to the immediate families of the bride and groom, and of course our team. The pre-functions were held right in their living room. With a little creativity from OLuxe Designs and coordinating the right vendors, we were off to a great start.

Tanvi prepping the living room with small details.

Gopi Sharma, of whom also coordinated the turban tying was hired to entertain the families with authentic Punjabi folk songs, called the Boliyaan. As she sung, the families dance the Giddha to the beat.

The bride clapping her way into the celebrations.

Father and son getting ready for the Sehra Bandi, which is the Punjabi tradition of turban tying.

Once the turban was tied, Niren joined in on the folklore fun.

Downstairs, on the lounge floor of their apartment complex, OLuxe design created a perfect mandap for the occasion, no short than just drop dead gorgeous.

Tanvi prepping the garlands.

The bride officially stared into the Boston skyline gearing up for her ceremony.

Meanwhile, Pandit Yogen Pathak started the Ganesh puja ceremony with our handsome groom.

Depicted below, our groom is putting on the manglasutra, the sacred necklace around his bride's neck.

Pandit Yogen Pathak concludes the ceremony and poses with our bride and groom.

We took the opportunity to get a picture with the first family as well.

After the ceremony, we took the party back up to the penthouse where the celebrations were in full gear.

And a toast to start their new beginnings.

Several intimate games were played, such as the fishing for the ring game, the shoe game, and of course a whole lot of dancing.

And a special shoutout to all the vendors that made this wedding happen:

BRIDE: Emmy @emmygiarrusso

GROOM: Ishaan @ishaanchdhry

VENUE; Millenium Towers

CATERING: Davinci Restaurant @chef_peppino

DJ & AV: Boston Sound and Light @teambsl

GARLANDS: Simply Floral Events

PHOTO: Through My Lenz @shannon_rivera_tml

PRIEST: Yogen Pathak @theindianweddingpriest

DÉCOR/FLORALS: OLuxe Designs @oluxedesign

HMU: Glam By Hitesha @glambyhitesha

HENNA: Henna Cafe: @hennacafe_designs

SINGER/TURBAN: Gopi Sharma @gopi3449

A huge shout out to Emilie Faith Photograpy for these amazing photographs. Check out the gallery below for the full spread.


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