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Plan your wedding in Paradise

Mint To Be Destination Weddings

South Asian weddings are vibrant.  They are full of colors, amazing tastes, and breath taking fashion. And while many of these weddings are being hosted outside of South Asia, our couples still want a balance of authenticity between culture and fusion.  

What better way than to host your event in a tropical setting, where the warmth of the land reminds you of home?  Or where guests can cool down with a sip of water from a fresh coconut? Imagine running into the clear blue ocean to wash away the yellow from your haldi function? 



A common misunderstanding is that destination weddings are more expensive than local weddings.  Mint To Be Events partners with some of the largest resorts in the world and in most cases your budget  in hosting an event is often cheaper than hosting locally.



Mint To Be Events will work closely with our destination vendor peers such that you will not lose any of the cultural aspects of your events.  Whether it be finding an Indian priest or a dhol player for the baraat.  We have partnered with some of the best, both local to the area and remotely to give you the best experience. 


Travel and


Mint To Be Events is your Travel Agency and Wedding Planner in one.  We will help you find the best rates with resorts, including finding the best perks based.  By having our team onsite for the planning of your destination wedding, we will also coordinate directly with the venue on making sure your guests truly understand that they are there to celebrate you in paradise. 


The Mint To Be Difference

How we are different than other destination planners.

Mint To Be Events is not only your boutique wedding planning service, we are also a registered Travel Agency.  Our emphasis for every celebration is to help make it one beyond your wildest dreams, regardless of where you choose to host it.  In our role as a travel agent, we can leverage our amazing partnerships with some of the most exotic resorts around the world.   

In the past, we have worked with resorts to waive the cost of hosting an event completely based on the number of guests attending.  With most all-inclusive resorts, your entire food and bar cost could also be waived.

Mint To Be Events can be your turn key solution to host your event in an exotic way, for as long as you and your guests are excited to celebrate you in style!

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