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Priyanka + Ushan // A Starry Dream

When an NYC bride, Priyanka and a London groom, Ushan hunts you down and hires a Bostonian as their planner, the pressure is on.  Of course everybody knows the "who's better" beef between New York and Boston, and there may be some lingering bitterness left between Ol' England and New England, but Mint To Be Events made sure nothing got in the way of this 4 day celebration of these two at the Hard Rock Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. 

If you want to jump ahead and get the full synopsis of this celebration watch this amazing highlight film from our friends at IQVideography from San Francisco.

Embrace yourself with beauty as we kick the story off with these two love birds beachside on the warm sands of Punta Cana.

The Hard Rock Punta Cana is one of our favorite venues. In fact, Mint To Be Events is an exclusive iWOW (Indian Wedding on Water) consultant.

And before the main days, we have the haldi ceremony.

Isn't this just the cutest photo.

Time to get ready for the sangeet.

Doesn't this remind you of a lit up wedding alley in India?

And the attention to details...

Month and months of planning went into this wedding, and when it started down pouring at the start of the outdoor sangeet, you can see it on the bride and groom's face that we were going to be in for a long 4 days. The picture below doesn't show the panic, but for just a split moment lets cherish their smiles.

The bride and groom nearly cancelled all of the events in disgust. There was literally only one cabana that provided shelter for all the guests. And so when it rains, we rely on Boston Sound and Light Company, DJ Dee and DJ Yogz to make a wet situation even "wetter". Instead of cancelling the event, they cranked up the music and embraced the rain for an impromptu dance set, of which will be remembered for ages.

Aint no rain stopping DJ Yogz!

Typically BSL makes people sweat, we really can't tell the difference here.

And like any torrential rain, it eventually went away. And kudos to the staff at the Hard Rock for squeezing every drop to allow for our program to continue. Excuse the hair.

And then to warm things up, the Buddhist priest put on a fire show!

And never in our 6 years of doing events have people jumped into the pool at the sangeet, but while drenched anyway....what the hec, right?

The next day was a fresh start with two weddings, a Hindu Ceremony and a Buddhist ceremony. But first, a little love letter to each other.

He must have said something...

Can't run too far as it was time to rock out at the baraat.

And BSL got things moving.

Onto the ceremony.

What a difference a day makes. One day it poured, the second day we needed cabanas.

And we welcome back our talented Buddhist priests for the Buddhist ceremony beachside.

A special warm hug to our amazing photographer, Nadia D for capturing the sunset exactly how it was. What an amazing backdrop?!

And so they got married twice!

It was Priyanka's dream to get married under the starry skies. And so our very on planner, Tanvi worked around the clock to create a reception setup for the ages. In fact, this setup has inspired several other weddings around the world.

And when DJ Dee is on the decks, there is no doubt there will be a party, even on the 4th night of celebrations.

Congratulations Priyanka and Ushan.

All the love from your's truly, Mint To Be Events.

Check out this amazing gallery of pics courtesy of Nadia D Photography: