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Anuj and Deedhiti // I've Known You My Whole Life

When you have known the person you are going to marry your entire life, planning the perfect wedding is worth the wait. Today we take you thru the wedding planning journey for Anuj and Deedhiti's wedding at the gorgeous Burlington Marriott. It was just prior to the pandemic where our handsome groom, Anuj reached out to us to help him and his fiancé plan the most perfect wedding. Being in the medical field, he naturally needed the help, and then of course when the pandemic hit, his priorities became torn between helping others and his own wedding.

As part of Mint To Be Events and Boston Sound and Light Company, we promised to make ourselves available to both Anuj and Deedhiti however and whenever it was needed. From multitasking on bluetooth, to text messages throughout the day, to venting about managing other vendors; interacting with this couple was no longer a client-vendor transaction - we had become family!

We encourage you to check out these amazing sneak peaks from our friends at @Ptaufiqphotography from this amazing wedding.

But first, just how HOT is our beautiful bride Dee?!

The day started off with a heavy chance of rain, but that didn't stop Anuj and the crew from BSL from having one heck of a baraat.

Yes, our groom came out in a Lambo.

Smoke effects at the Baraat hit a different level

DJ Yogz and his classic move getting the groom and his family to dance on top of the baraat pickup truck.

Once the baraat finished, the ceremony preceded inside. Check out this extravagant mandap masterfully created by our friends at OLuxe designs paired with gorgeous lighting from Boston Sound and Light Company.

Once the ceremony ended, the couple quickly changed and posed with status in front of their car.

Oh how gorgeous does our reception look.

Not as good as our couple in it.

Once the doors opened the program continued

And the family danced the night away.

And a special shoutout to all the vendors that made this wedding happen:

BRIDE: Dee @deedhitip

GROOM: Anuj @aa_nuj92

CATERING: India Palace

PHOTO & VIDEO: @ptaufiqphotography

DECOR & FLORALS: @oluxedesign

MAKEUP: @shinebyneha

A huge shout out to PTaufiq Photography for these amazing photographs. Check out the gallery below for the full spread.


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