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Kushani and Mahavir's Exquisite Gujarati Wedding: A 3-Day Celebration in Florida's Westin Hotel

From the vibrant colors of the Pithi and Haldi ceremony to the energetic performances at the Garba, and finally the grandeur of the baraat and the Hindu ceremony, all culminating in a magnificent dinner and dance reception, Kushani and Mahavir's 3-day Gujarati wedding was nothing short of a fairytale. This unforgettable celebration, held at the picturesque Westin Hotel in Cape Coral, Florida, was a true testament to the beauty of Indian traditions and the joy of two families uniting.

Please consider reading the entire blog featuring the amazing captures and images from Memories studios. However, if you are eager like we are to see the celebrations in actions, please check out the highlight video from Memories Studio below.

Photo Credit: Memories Studios

Day 1: The Pithi and Haldi Ceremony

The festivities began with the Pithi and Haldi ceremony, a pre-wedding ritual that sets the stage for the upcoming union of the couple. The Westin's terrace was transformed into a vibrant space, decorated with marigold garlands and colorful drapes, reflecting the joyous spirit of the occasion.

Kushani and Mahavir were smeared with a paste made of turmeric, chickpea flour, rose water, and other ingredients, symbolizing purification and the start of their new journey. Laughter and love filled the air as family members took turns applying the paste on the couple.

Photo Credit: Memories Studios

Day 2: The Garba

The second day was dedicated to the Garba, a traditional Gujarati dance that allows both families to meet, mingle, and celebrate together. The Westin's grand ballroom was adorned with festive lanterns and twinkling lights, creating a mesmerizing ambiance for the evening.

Both families presented breathtaking dance performances, with the highlight being Kushani and Mahavir's dance, their chemistry undeniable as they swirled in sync to the rhythm of the music. The night ended with everyone joining in, dancing in unison and filling the room with energy and excitement.

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Photo Credit: Memories Studios

Day 3: The Baraat, Hindu Ceremony, and Reception

The final day was the pinnacle of the celebrations. The groom's procession, or the Baraat, was a lively affair, with Mahavir making his grand entrance on a beautifully adorned horse, accompanied by the sounds of traditional dhol and the cheers of the gathering.

The Hindu ceremony took place under a stunning mandap draped with roses and orchids. As Kushani and Mahavir took their seven vows around the sacred fire, their families watched on, their expressions a blend of joy and sentiment.

Photo Credit: Memories Studios

The day concluded with a cocktail hour, followed by a grand dinner and dance reception. The couple's first dance was truly a sight to behold, their love evident in their smiles and in their eyes. As the night progressed, the floor filled with guests dancing and celebrating, creating a fitting end to the three-day extravaganza.

Kushani and Mahavir's wedding was a vibrant and joyous celebration of love and family. Every moment, every emotion was beautifully captured by the talented team at Memories Studios, helping preserve these precious memories for a lifetime.

At Mint To Be Events, we are incredibly honored to have been a part of this wonderful journey. We wish Kushani and Mahavir a lifetime of happiness and love, as they embark on this new chapter in their lives.

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Bride: @kushani12

Groom: @mav_1994

Planning: @mint2bevents

Photo and Video: @memories_studi0

Decor & Floral: @weddingdesginanddecor

Indian Catering: @cateringbyrasoi

Check out the gallery below for the full spread from our amazing friend and award winning photographer, Memories Studios.