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Belle Affaire de Mariage Parool et David

Let's take a trip to warm waters, white sandy beaches and clear blue skies. Let's talk about a wedding that's romantic and classy! Let's talk about Parool and David's dream destination wedding where each and every event was totally unique! We won't give away all the creative details and will let you see for yourself in the pictures below.

Parool and David picked Ivory as the feature color with shades of pink and pops of maroon, pastel greens and gold for their floral arrangements. Add in some sparkle with sequined champagne in fabrics and you have a hint of drama in the decor!

But it all started with their dramatic proposal in Paris amidst the 2015 terrorist attack. As they made it through the day their bond was strong as ever and it was Mint to be! Over the next few months they worked with our team at Mint To Be to find the perfect venue to tie the knot. Deciding between a local wedding and destination wedding was an easy decision once they saw pictures of The Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana! We couldn't agree more! (Parool and David had never been to the resort until their wedding week...thanks for putting your trust into Mint To Be!)

Day 1: Welcome Dinner

As guests arrived and checked in, they were greeted with a customized welcome bag of information and goodies (including traditional ladoos for mittai - finding local Indian caterer, no problem!). The wedding festivities were kicked off with a Welcome Dinner on the beach. The relaxed and laid back atmosphere with classy lounge furniture, bistro string lighting, white starlit dance floor, pops of purple & plum and upbeat foot-tapping classics got the guests grooving!

We asked a few of the guests to send us their most memorable moments from each event. Read below for their comments..

Bhavini Raju: The streaming lights, sparkling dance floor in front of the stunning sunset and ocean was the perfect ambience for the welcome night. Being the first night, there was so much love and excitement as everyone met each other for the first time. What a great way to start off the wedding festivities!

Day 2: Pithi+Mehendi in the morning and Garba at night

All the women wore their pink personalized T-shirts to the Pithi at one of the gazebos. It was intimate, rustic and just like the old times back in India.

Rajiv Raju: Perfect size area for all the attendees, it was under shade, close to pool/restaurants so men could still be somewhat near wives/kids.

Bhavini Raju: The gazebo alongside the pool area was the perfect place for pithi. All the women, including the gorgeous bride wore their pink "Parool & David" t-shirts and they were perfect for this event. My favorite part was the brides idea to jump into the ocean to clean off. We captured phenomenal photos along the beach and in the ocean. It was the perfect way to clean off and cool down after the Pithi!

The Garba at night was by the pool under the canopy style lighting with a festive multicolored decor that took everyone's breath away! A stunning floral elephant was at the center of the dancefloor and the guests danced around it as the dandiyas clang. Parool looked stunning in a gorgeous off-white mirror-work lehenga!

Each night consisted of a mix of local and traditional Indian food options for the guests as well as signature cocktail and mocktail drinks to go with the theme of the event.

Rajiv Raju: Magical event, the string lighting made it seem like we were back in Bombay. Open bar!! and the pool was a nice touch.

Rupal Patel: My favorite event from Parool's wedding was the Garba by the pool. Loved everything about it. The decor was mind blowing! Loved the lights, colorful background with comfy couches were a very nice touch. I loved the tea lights in the water.... Music was perfect!!! Loved feeling the breeze while doing Garba with my favorite people!!

Bhavini Raju: Garba decor was breathtaking! The string light canopy, colorful backdrop and the pool with floating flowers/candles set the perfect ambience. David's family even got involved in Dandiya-Raas and it was a blast! Our feet were still recovering from a night of dancing at the welcome night but we couldn't stop playing Garba. They were burning and the pool was the perfect place to dip our feet at the end of the night!

Day 3: Wedding Ceremony & Reception

What better way to cool off after a Baraat than to walk into a ceremony and be greeted with fresh coconut water! The clear blue skies, the deep blue waters of the ocean and the white sand created a breathtaking backdrop for the stunning Mandap draped in clean ivory fabric. The florals on the Mandap and aisle-way added a perfect pop of color to leave everyone speechless. How can we not mention the cute parasols which provided much needed shade for each guest as the couple tied the knot. The program cards added a beautiful pop of color to the Gold chivari chairs as did the mixed nuts favors.

Rupal Patel: The wedding was magical! Like nothing I have experienced before. Parool looked stunning.... Loved the ocean in the background. The umbrellas for guests was such a cute idea. Loved having coconut water as we entered the mandap area. Loved the selection of flowers and mandap. It was a dream wedding for sure.

Bhavini Raju: The crystal clear ocean was the perfect backdrop to the wedding. As we entered the ceremony area, we were presented with coconut water, straight out of the coconut and parasols to keep us out of the sun.

The evening started off with an elegant garden affair of cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. The Escort Card table was a show stopper with a tall floral arrangement with cascading flowers and stunning rhinestone cards.

The reception was beautiful and sophisticated with grand tall ceilings filled with shades of blush, pink and gold. Parool and David looked like true Hard Rock "Rock Stars" in their reception couture. As the guests entered the ballroom, romance was in the air with the beautiful "LOVE" table with a spread of delicious desserts. The five-course plated meal created a unique and luxurious style compared to a traditional buffet. Guests were so full that they danced the rest of the night away!

Rupal Patel: The reception was very classy!!! Once again decorations were elegant and well planned. Loved the colors.... Flowers were so beautiful. Parool and Dave looked like prince and princess from a fairy tale!!! I wish them both happily ever after.

Bhavini Raju: Parool's sense of style was perfectly captured by the decor. It was romantic, magical, classy and playful. The dessert table sat on top of the words "love." As we walked in, our first course awaited us alongside a regal menu. Music was great, the service was fantastic and the decor just left you in awe all night.

Rajiv Raju: Great music, good drinks, good food, EXCELLENT service and a lot of dancing.

Congratulations! The team at Mint To Be loved working with Parool and David. We worked with them on deciding a local wedding versus a destination wedding. Our team was with them from early stages of planning till the last song played at the reception. Our team was onsite in Punta Cana and worked 24/7 to make sure everything was perfect. Parool & David, thanks for trusting us and thanks for making us feel like family.



Photo/Video: The Wedding Story

Linens & Chairs: Caribbean Celebrations

Florals: MercaFlor

Audio Visual: JSAV

Travel Consultant: TravelZap

Hair & Makeup: Posh Beauty Salon

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