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25 Signature Drink Ideas for a Fun Wedding

Signature drinks are very popular at weddings these days. It's a great opportunity to have your guests sample a drink that's your favorite and truly reflects your personality!

If you are looking for a drink for your wedding, pick one from the list below and jazz it up by giving it a personalized name.

For a recent destination wedding in Puerto Rico, the bride (last name Medrano) used "Medrosas" for sparkling and refreshing Mimosas as HER signature drink. On the other hand the groom used "Blay" Hawaiian for HIS signature drink!

Give it a more fun phrase to get your guests talking. Frame the His & Hers drinks and put them at the bar for the guests to order. Add a cute paper straw to tie it in with the rest of the wedding decor. How about some personalized napkins? Ask the experts at Mint To Be Events for more fun ideas.

For convenience we categorized the drinks based on their personality!


-- Colorful --


Shake it up and have a great time with this super easy and fun cocktail!

3 oz. Sutter Home White Zinfandel

1 oz. Strawberry vodka

- Shake with ice & strain into a martini glass.

Mango Bellini

A variation of the original peach Bellini, with no more than about 100 calories. Make this drink non alcoholic by substituting Sparkling cider/grape juice instead of Prosecco.

2 tbsp mango juice

4 oz prosecco

- Add chilled juice to champagne flute

- Top with chilled prosecco

Caribbean Mist

This drink looks so pretty that we'd like to use it as an inspiration for a wedding!

2 oz Mango Rum

1 oz pineapple juice

2 oz soda water

dash of Blue Curacao

sugar for the rim

- First sugar the rim of each glass by dipping the rim in either lemon or lime juice and then into sanding sugar.

- In a shaker with ice; combine the rum, pineapple juice and blue Curacao and shake.

- Pour the mixture into an ice filled glass… then fill the rest of the glass with soda water!

Rooh Afza Martini

An exotic rose flavored drink that's sure to be a crowd pleaser! Follow the link to a non alcoholic version of this drink.

3 ounces Rooh Afza Lemonade

1.5 ounces Gin

.5 ounces Triple Sec

- Shake with ice & strain into a martini glass.

-- Macho --

Whisky Smash

This classic sour drink is accented with an herbal touch of mint. This versatile cocktail pairs well with plenty of appetizers, especially spicy and fried foods.

2 parts Maker’s Mark® Bourbon

4 mint leaves

3/4 lemon

1 part simple syrup

Mint sprig and lemon wheel for garnish

- Muddle all ingredients except Maker’s Mark® Bourbon in a bar glass.

- Add Maker’s Mark® Bourbon and shake with ice.

- Strain into an ice-filled rocks glass.

- Garnish with a sprig of mint and a lemon wheel.


This one is as bold as it gets! Make sure you take safety precautions when handling fire.

1/2 oz Tia Maria Coffee Liqueur

1/2 oz Baileys Irish Cream

1/2 oz Grand Marnier Orange Flavored Brandy Liqueur

3 drops Dark Overproof Rum

- Add Tia Maria in shot glass and let it settle.

- Slowly and steadily pour baileys original Irish cream on coffee liqueur with the help of back of bar spoon. (To make a perfect layer, make sure that bar spoon is cold and is positioned properly with back side pointing upwards over the serving glass.)

- Pour grand marnier over it in similar way.

- Slowly add 3 drops of dark rum and ignite it with lighter. (If Grand - Marnier is warm then you may skip adding rum).

- Serve with heatproof straw.

Rusty Nail

Classy! Only for those who like to take their time to enjoy the bold flavors of Scotch.

2 measures Scotch Whisky

¾ measure Drambuie Liqueur

Lemon zest twist to garnish

- In a mixing glass, add all the ingredients.

- Add plenty of ice and stir.

- Strain into an Old-fashioned glass full of ice.

- Garnish with a lemon zest twist.

The Godfather

Name says it all. Definitely not for the faint hearted. Checkout the option at the bottom for Godmothers!

2 oz Scotch Whiskey

1 oz Amaretto Almond Liqueur

Ice Cubes

- Stir all godfather cocktail ingredients with ice and strain into ice filled glass.

Tips and Variations:

Replace scotch with vodka to make much lighter Godmother cocktail.

-- Festive --

Jack Frost

Who said winters can't be fun! Add a little mystical sparkle to your event with this fun drink.

2 oz pineapple juice 1 oz light rum or vodka, if desired 1 oz blue curacao 1 oz cream of coconut (not coconut milk) Ice cubes

- Mix together and strain into martini glass.

- Rim the glass with shredded coconut.

Peppermint Martini

Relax this holiday season with a sip of this minty fresh martini.

1½ oz vodka

1½ oz white crème de cacao

1 oz peppermint schnapps


2 mini candy canes

- In a shaker, combine the vodka, white crème de cacao, peppermint schnapps and ice. Shake the drink vigorously until well mixed.

- Crush 1 candy cane with a rolling pin or other heavy object between wax paper sheets. Dip rim of chilled martini glass in water and then dip rim into crushed candy.

- Pour drink into glass and garnish with a mini candy cane.

Apple Cider Mimosas

Enjoy fall colors and flavors with this elegant twist to cider! Swap the Champaign for Sparkling water/juice to turn this into a non alcoholic one.

Apple Cider


Gold and silver sprinkles for rim of glass (optional)

Apple slices for garnish (optional)

- Dip the top of each champagne glass into water and then dip in the sprinkles to coat.

- Pour each champagne glass ½-3/4 full with apple cider.

- Top with champagne

Expresso Martini

If there was a 50 shades of Expresso, this drink would be number 1 on the list!

50ml Grey Goose vodka

35ml coffee liqueur

1 shot (25ml) of CRU Light Roast (or other) espresso


- Pour the vodka, coffee liqueur and espresso into a cocktail shaker.

- Fill the martini glass with ice to chill and then fill the cocktail shaker with ice as well.

-- Refreshing --

Cucumber Delight Cocktail

Fun in the sun! Skip the vodka to turn this into a refreshing mocktail for any outdoor event.

1 ¼ oz. Square One Organic Vodka

¾ oz. Domaine Canton

¾ oz. lemon juice

1 oz. simple syrup

1 oz. sparkling water

2 cantaloupe balls

- Muddle 1 slice of cucumber. Add lemon juice and simple syrup.

- Add vodka, Domaine Canton and ice, cover and shake vigorously. 

- Strain into a double old fashion glass, add ice, and garnish with cucumber slice and cantaloupe.

Mint Julep

One of our favorite Juleps! Play around with this drink by adding your favorite produce - Pineapple, orange, mango, Peach. Change up the Mint for Sage, Basil or Rosemary!

10 mint leaves, plus a sprig for garnish

1 1/2 teaspoons superfine sugar

Seltzer water

Crushed ice

2 1/2 oz Kentucky bourbon whiskey

- Place the mint leaves in the bottom of an old-fashioned glass and top with the sugar.

- Muddle these together until the leaves begin to break down.

- Add a splash of seltzer water, fill the glass 3/4 full with crushed ice, and add the bourbon.

- Top with another splash of seltzer, stir, and garnish with a sprig of mint. Serve immediately.

Limoncello Raspberry Processo Cooler

Another drink with Prosecco! Again swap the prosecco with any sparkling juice to create a non alcoholic version.

1 (750ml) bottle Prosecco or other sparkling wine, chilled (recommended: Ruffino Prosecco)