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Srishti + Corey // Architecting the Perfect Day

A Stunning Indian-American Fusion Wedding: Srishti & Corey's Celebration at Wyndham Newport, RI

The picturesque Wyndham Newport in Rhode Island played host to Srishti and Corey's beautiful Indian-American fusion wedding. This enchanting two-day event celebrated the rich cultural heritage of both families, blending together vibrant Indian traditions with classic American elements. From the lively Sangeet night to the heartfelt ceremonies, each moment of this wedding was a testament to the love and union of two souls and their families.

Day 1: Sangeet Night

The festivities began with a captivating Sangeet night, where guests were treated to a feast of colors, music, and dance. The atmosphere was electric, as friends and family members showcased their talents through a series of energetic dance performances. The couple's love story was brought to life through beautifully choreographed routines, with everyone joining in to celebrate the joyous occasion.

Srishti looked radiant in a stunning traditional Indian outfit, while Corey complemented her in a stylish kurta. The couple's happiness was palpable, as they mingled with guests and participated in the various dance performances. The night ended with everyone in high spirits, eagerly anticipating the events to come.

Day 2: The Wedding Ceremonies

The Baraat

Despite the chilly weather, the second day started with a bang as Corey made his grand entrance in the traditional Indian baraat. Accompanied by his family and friends, Corey danced his way to the wedding venue, a sight that warmed the hearts of everyone present. The vibrant procession, complete with music and dancing, set the tone for the rest of the day's festivities. The baraat was followed by the milni, a beautiful ceremony where both families met and exchanged warm embraces. This symbolic ritualrepresented the merging of two families, as they welcomed each other with open arms and love.