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Rachel + Zach // It's the time to Disco

A preface from this blog's author, DJ Yogz. As the parent owner of Mint To Be Events, I wanted to be the one to write the blog for Rachel and Zach from a music perspective, especially considering that we rank this wedding and our amazing couple as one of our best of 2022. Enjoy this blog from my (the Dj's) perspective.

Early in the planning process, I had the opportunity to do a walkthrough with Rachel and Zach, and I already knew this was going to be one heck of a party. I have known Rachel's family through djing their friends' functions, and in turn there was already an understanding as to what was expected. However, when it is your own wedding, there are a lot of details that are obviously specific to you. One of our biggest hurdles, from a planning and an emotional perspective was the passing of Shobha Shastry from Alankar Decor, the decorator the client had hired. And while there were some challenges along the way, Rachel and Zach's wedding turned out to be one of my favorites.

Rachel's family is South Indian and Zach's family is Greek. The overlap of Indian and Greek traditions seem so far fetched, but when playing music for them, it seemed like an amazing fit. So many storylines!!! Lets let the pictures and videos speak volumes....

The following teaser from our amazing friends at PTaufiq Photography is bound to give you goosebumps:

You can find the full highlights here: . Or lets enjoy their journey through these amazing stills from PTaufiq Photography.

There were several pre-functions that both Mint To Be Events and BSL were not a part of, but our involvement started the day of the sangeet. Rachel and I had several conversations about her vision for the sangeet, and the only requirement we couldn't overlook was the use of disco balls; her sangeet would not be complete without having mirrored disco balls, and boy did this sangeet turn out amazing

Just how gorgeous do these two look?

BSL was not available for the sangeet night and so a special shout out to DJ Vik from Boston Desi DJs (now Bollywood in Boston) who rocked the sangeet program and sangeet dance set.

Our bride getting in on the sangeet action.

The next morning our bride and groom get ready for their big day!

The first look

The famous Boston Commons, the first public park providing the most perfect backdrop to the most perfect couple. This picture from PTaufiq deserves to be in a magazine.

A few bridal party shots before we get the day started

And then we get the party started. Featured below is our Ram 1500 fully decked out with a DJ setup shutting down a major street in the heart of Boston. And of course, everybody's hands stay up!

And why shouldn't our beautiful bride be part of the action.

Once the baraat ended the families had a quick milni as DJ Dee and myself rushed up to get the ceremony music started.

Here comes the bride.

The exchange of vows. While not traditional, very fitting.

And they are married. Just how amazing are the cold sparks when used during the wedding ceremony? Yes, these are completely safe versions of pyro, however they are not pyro but give off the illusion of fireworks.

And they are married!

The Mint To Be team posing with our lovely couple.

And we are reception ready.

The grand intro in style!

Oh wait, it gets better....

Nothing better than the newly weds dancing on cloud 9.

Parent dances.

And let there be cake...

A special performance by the newly weds themselves.