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Puja + Alex // Greek and Indian Fusion Wedding

Several Indian wedding bloggers have adopted the phrase, "My Big Fat Indian Wedding" based on the comedy romance film, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". But what happens when a Greek marries an Indian? What do you call that? Well, we never sorted out this dilemma, but we were involved in making Puja and Alex's dream wedding come true. This celebration was somewhat of a destination wedding. Both our bride and groom are from NYC. Most of the bride's family is from Chicago, with the exception of the bride's sister who lives in the suburbs of the 495 belt. The groom's parents live in Boston. However, when it came to a destination, Boston provided the elegance and charm that the couple saw in themselves. And the newly renovated, rebranded Newbury Hotel provided the perfect home for all the festivities.

Enjoy Puja and Alex's wedding through the lens of our friends, Park Street Studios. You can watch the trailer below or follow along through these amazing pictures.

The festivities started with the haldi ceremony.

Nothing like the Greek side of the family to embrace the Indian culture all the way up their shirts.

With our couple glowing, they quickly changed into their sangeet outfits and snuck out for a few photos in the Boston Commons.

Check out the amazing backdrop from LoveDecor.US. It provided the perfect setting for a fun filled Sangeet.

DJ Randeep dropped the Vibes for Boston Sound and Light Company keeping the crowd energized the entire night.

The next morning, the bride and groom get some help from their families for final touches.

Oh, just how gorgeous is our bride Puja?

A few more sneak-away pics by our amazing partners, Park Street Studios in the Boston Commons.

For the first time in the history of weddings in Boston, were we able to shut down the infamous Newbury Street. Newbury Street is the home of the most upscale shops (hence the name of our hotel, The Newbury) in Boston. After maybe 19 zoom calls with various authorities in charge, we not only were able to close off Newbury Street but also take the baraat in the opposite direction.

Most "milnis" (the ceremony where the families meet after the baraat) occur near the entrance of the venue, however as we shut down Newbury Street it was as fitting to perform the milni at the head of Newbury Street where it meets Arlington. Another first for us at Mint To Be Events, and another first in Boston.

Inside, Shruti and her team from LoveDecor.US at the mandate looking magical.

Here comes the groom.

Here comes the bride

And they are married.

What an amazing capture by our friends at Park Street Studios.

The introductions featured an opening dance set by DJ Dee and DJ Yogz from Boston Sound and Light Company.

The reception program continued.

And they danced the night away.

And a special shoutout to all the vendors that made this wedding happen:

BRIDE: Puja @p.geanakos

GROOM: Alex @ageanakos

VENUE & CATERING: @thenewburyboston

PHOTO & VIDEO: @parkstreetweddings

HAIR & MAKEUP: @deepalharia

A huge shout out to Park Street Studios for these amazing photographs. Check out the gallery below for the full spread.


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