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Kiran + Rick // The Harbor of Love

When we were approached by one of our sweetest brides, Kiran to help her wedding to Rick, it was an opportunity of a lifetime for many reasons. For one, we couldn't let down her family as they are part of the unique class of local Indians that have and continue to shape the Indian landscape within the Boston Community. Two, some of the typical fanfare of Indian weddings, with flashy lights and such do not apply to them; this wedding needed to be handled with grace and care but at the same time maintaining our culture. Three, it is not often that we get to work at the Boston Harbor Hotel (that view tho) largely because the catering is in-house and most of our clients require a third party caterer.

There is a level of organized chaos involved in planning for Indian weddings, especially fusion weddings. Many of the tasks happen in the just-in-time timeline of things. We truly believe the "Indian head nod" is a result of Indian wedding planning; it's neither a "no", or a "yes" or maybe both. However, when you have two heavily educated individuals, and when they both have sophisticated careers, there certainly is a level of eagerness to get things done perfectly. Our entire philosophy in managing this event was letting the output speak for itself. And what an event is was!

Check out this amazing alter for the ceremony by our friends at OLuxe Design.

Phil Scarf and the Natraj Live musicians providing a fusion shenai during the ceremony.

And a special shoutout to all the vendors that made this wedding happen:

BRIDE: Kiran @kiran.ganda


LIVE MUSIC: Natraj Music

VENUE & CATERING: @bostonharbor_weddings

PHOTO & VIDEO: @fernfeatherstudio

DECOR & FLORAL: @oluxedesign


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