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Janki + Herman // From Ranglo to Balle Balle

After many date changes due to the ongoing pandemic, Herman and Janki's wedding weekend finally arrived over Memorial Day weekend 2022. As their wedding planner, I was thrilled to see their vision come to life for two beautiful cultural ceremonies and celebrations.

The following teaser from our amazing friends at PTaufiq Photography is bound to make you smile:

For the full highlight, please visit:

The weekend kicked off with Herman's baraat, a lively processional where he arrived riding gallantly on a horse, ready to wed his bride. The baraat was filled with music and dancing as Herman's family and friends escorted him to the first ceremony, the Sikh Anand Karaj.

The ceremony was stunningly decorated in floral arrangements of pink, red and white flowers. Under the guidance of the priest, Herman and Janki circled around the Guru Granth Sahib, symbolizing the start of their journey through life together as partners.