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Colleen + Angad // Celebrating Angad and Colleen's Love Story

A Boston Wedding Extravaganza: Celebrating Angad and Colleen's Love Story

Welcome to the vibrant and unforgettable two-day wedding celebration of Angad and Colleen, a union that seamlessly blended Sikh Punjabi and American cultures. We are excited to share the highlights of this spectacular event, which took place at two of Boston's most iconic venues: the Granite Links in Quincy, MA, and the historic Boston Park Plaza.

Day 1: Welcome Party at Granite Links

The celebration kicked off with a welcome party held at Granite Links, a stunning venue located in Quincy, MA. Guests gathered on the picturesque grounds, taking in the breathtaking views of the Boston skyline as they eagerly anticipated the night ahead.

Family members from both sides took to the stage to give speeches, recounting fond memories and sharing their love for Angad and Colleen. The couple's loved ones also entertained guests with a series of beautifully choreographed dances that showcased their unique backgrounds and the blending of their cultures.

The evening was filled with energetic performances, heartfelt speeches, and a captivating display of traditional and modern dances. The highlight of the night was an incredible performance by the talented dance troupe, Boston Bollywood. Their colorful costumes and mesmerizing choreography captivated guests and set the stage for an unforgettable wedding weekend.

Day 2: Baraat, Sikh Ceremony, and Reception at Boston Park Plaza

The wedding day began with the Shera Banda and lively baraat, a traditional Sikh pre-wedding procession led by the groom, Angad, and his family. The baraat wound its way through the streets of Boston, with guests dancing and singing to the beat of the dhol. The colorful procession culminated at the magnificent Boston Park Plaza, where the ceremony and reception were held.

Inside the historic ballroom of the Boston Park Plaza, guests gathered for the Sikh wedding ceremony, or Anand Karaj. The ceremony was a beautiful display of rich Sikh traditions, with the couple exchanging vows and completing the four laavaan (circling of the Guru Granth Sahib) as their families and friends looked on.