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Anokh + Kimberly // A Community Round Up

Three weeks! Typically when our awesome couples calls upon us to help with their wedding planning, we have a lot more time. In the case of Anokh and Kimberly, we literally had to figure out how to host nearly 600 people in the back yard of the groom's family house. Most often, the requirements of this wedding would be shown on a show like Weddings impossible, but at Mint To Be Events, it's a challenge we embrace.

Most other vendors would decline such an opportunity, but the pride was primarily in knowing who this wedding was for. Our handsome groom's parents are community leaders in many ways than one. The Palakurthis are not only known for their IT businesses, community service, but Anuradha Palakurthi, the mother of the groom won the Radio Mirchi award for her song, "Jaan Meri" soon after the wedding. It was in her sweet voice, that we simply couldn't resist.

Shown above, Anokh and his father, Prashant Palakurthi sharing a wedding laugh.

The mother of the groom blessing her children before the Haldi ceremony.

Later in the evening there was a sangeet program where you know there was going to be some singing. DJ Krups and DJ Derek from Boston Sound and Light Company complimented with perfect sound and lighting.

And then it was time to let loose.

Early the next day, the mother of the groom helps prep her future daughter in law into the gorgeous princess she already is.

The darker the mehendi, the stronger the love.

This couple couldn't resist a sneak peak and a little moment before the wedding started.

It poured rain the entire night prior, and with a little pocket open, the father of the groom urged everybody onto his street to get the party started.

And of course DJ Krups was ready to rock the party.

The beautiful bride caught some of the baraat action from the Palakurthi home.

Here comes the bride...

And just like that they are married.

New England's who's who attended the wedding, and both Anokh and Kimberly knew that they would have to show off their best. And they certainly did.

The reception festivities continued on the Palakurthi tennis court. Pictured below is the Couple's Cake Cutting ceremony.

And then it was time for DJ Krups and DJ Derek from BSL to take the rest of the night over.

Three weeks is an impossible feat for any team, and a special thank you to the core team that made this wedding one for the ages:

VENUE: Home Residence





PRIEST – SATURDAY: Sri Shiva Temple

Special thanks to our friends at PTaufiq Photography for all the amazing photos for our blog:


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