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Sonia + Patrick // French Indian fusion

Our groom, Patrick coordinated everything for his wedding from France, from where he is from. And our Gujarati bride, Sonia filled in all the blanks locally. When this beautiful couple reached out to Mint To Be Events, their primary concern was how two different cultures would come together. How the French would know what a Garba or a baraat was, and if the Gujaratis would find serenity in maybe, hmmm, a quiet dinner. What we tried to emphasize was that bread is bread, whether French bread or naan, it just depends on what you want to eat with it that is completely interchangeable.

This two day wedding was at one of our favorite venues, the Boston Burlington Marriott. The first night started with a traditional Gujarati sangeet including a folk dance called the Garba.

Quick sneak away for some photos outdoors.

Every sangeet garba has a suite of dance performances.

DJ Dee and DJ Sidd from Boston Sound and Light Company rocked the garba.

Dholi Ravi was ready to rock the baraat

As was the groom's family.

The bride was quickly getting her final touches done. Flawless Creations by Vidhi did a phenomenal job dolling up the bride.

And just like that, they are married.

Check out the amazing lighting from Boston Sound and Light Company.

But more so, check out our gorgeous couple.

And it would be a half Indian reception without some dance performances.

And then it came to dancing! BSL doing what they do best.

None of this would have been possible without the help of our amazing vendors:


DÉCOR/FLORALS: Prasang Decorators



Check out the full gallery provided by our partners in crime at PTaufiq Photography:

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