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Livin' on edge - The tale of Tina & Viram

How do you find a unique venue different from your typical hotel ballroom but at the same time transform it to look like a story out of a fairly tale? Simple! Take a beautiful antique train station and transform it inside out! Tina and Viram’s 2-day wedding celebrations were quite the extravaganza. Creating an intimate, warm, and inviting ambiance to a blank slate is simple when working with such amazing vendors. Union Station, located in Worcester, MA was built in 1911 and holds a castle like exterior with detailed character and style in the interior. It is easy to see why Tina and Viram immediately fell in love with this venue. It carried the rustic New England charm but mirrored the elegance and grace of Tina and Viram's personality. It was also very conveniently located for their family and friends that travelled from all parts of New England.

Before the festivities began, Tina and Viram were able to get some amazing photos in the surrounding area. You would think Disney was art directing their photography!

Day one consisted of a traditional Garba full of delicious food and endless dancing. Colors of blue, turquoise, and purple filled the room and the sounds of Boston Sound & Light’s music and dhol player left the guests dancing util they were kicked out! Imagine the sound effects of that in such a beautiful, vibrant space!

Day two, the wedding day started off with the groom and his family closing the streets and main rotary in the center of town for the baraat. We had all the locals watching and we think they secretly wanted to join too!

A traditional Hindu ceremony with traditional colors of red and pops of greens created a beautiful day-time ambiance.

Our clients like to roll in style, even for their vidaii!

A little bit of fun with the bridal party, showing their love for each other by putting their lives on the line here...

The evening of elegant décor, delicious food, drinks, and music was all the guests needed to celebrate Tina and Viram.

Dancing, partying, and more dancing!!

Congrats Tina and Viram. You really should considering modeling.

Thanks to our friends at NYNJ photography for capturing these beautiful photos!

Venue: Union Station, Worcester MA

Decor & Florals: Alankar Decor

Photo/Video: NYNJ Photography

Sound & Lighting: Boston Sound and Light

Hair & Makeup: Glow by Herneet

Desserts: Montilio's

Photobooth: Dutcher Digital

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