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The #PnK2015 Story

The bride was from Boston and the groom from Atlanta. Having a cohesive team who really understands the needs of their wedding, especially since the groom was from Atlanta was very important to Payal and Ketan. The #PnK2015 couple entrusted us to help execute everything they wanted from miles away and the Mint2Be Team was ready to deliver!

Their wedding festivities began with a colorful Mehndi party, religious ceremonies and then finally the Garba and Wedding day. Live band, colorful ambiance, priest flown from Chicago (no doubt!), horse and carriage, beautiful fabrics and florals for the Mandap, pin spot lighting accenting the cross table reception layout, lush pink, blush and cream arrangements, glitzy stage decor, and dry ice effect are just to name a few of the cool things that we had for Payal and Ketan's wedding. Guests danced the evening away til the end of the night where Boston Sound and Light played the last song of "Welcome to Atlanta".

But truly...we welcomed Ketan to Boston and were able to display how Boston really throws it down!

Here is a teaser of their night...more to come!

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