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Vibhuti + Gurjeet // Destined As One

To say that we've known Vibhuti and her family since eternity would be an understatement, as she is one of our dearest of friends and her family being closer than some of our own. Mint To Be had the luxury of learning of Vibhuti's wedding details before most others, and we couldn't have been more excited. The first time we met Gurjeet, it was at the family's favorite past time Indian restaurant, The Curry House in Franklin (of who also catered the wedding celebrations), we knew this was their destiny to become one.

Enjoy Vibhuti and Gurjeet's wedding through the lens of our friends, Dyuti Majumdar and Patrik Kisucky from Arts and Memories, as they tell their story, "frame by frame".

Our bride getting ready at their family home before heading out to the Gurudwara.

Aren't the bride's nephew, Karan, and niece, Maya absolutely adorable? Can't forget Vibhuti's stunning sister in law, Shivani.

The bride's brother, Pranav Gill (of whom is heavily invested in the local Boston community) escorting his darling sister to get married in style.

At the Gurudwara, Dholi Amar, our groom and his family are ready with the baraat.

The milni.

The Gurujis at the Westboro Gurudwara performing the hymns to start the Anand Karaj.

Here comes the bride.

But wait, a few quick pictures in the lobby.

And they are married.

It's reception time

Our friends at OLuxe Design took the beauty of a red rose to a whole another level.

And the program continued.

And then the team at Boston Sound and Light Company took over the dance floor and rocked the night away. It just so happens that DJ Yogz had an event out of the country the night before, and he literally flew into the event minutes before the show started. He had promised this couple that he wouldn't miss their wedding if it meant he had to row a boat to get there.

Amazing catering spread from our friends at The Curry House in Franklin.

And a special shoutout to all the vendors that made this wedding happen:

BRIDE: Vibuthi @vibs5g

GROOM: Gurjeet

RECEPTION VENUE: Residence Inn Natick

CEREMONY VENUE: Westboro Gurudwara


DECOR: @oluxedesign


A huge shout out to Arts and Memories for these amazing photographs. Check out the gallery below for the full spread.

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