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Pooja + Sunny // Gujarati Wedding Extravaganza! A Tale of Two Days

I had the pleasure of planning and organizing the wedding of Sunny and Pooja over two magnificent days this past weekend.

Yes, their engagement shoot was in Macchu Picchu, Peru!

Day 1 featured a traditional Garba event where the couple and over 300 guests danced the night away to customary Gujarati folk music in colorful attire. The energy and enthusiasm of the guests was infectious and it was a sight to behold seeing everyone come together to kick off the wedding celebrations.

Day 2 began with a baraat where Sunny arrived at the Burlington Marriott not on horseback but in horsepower, in a classic Ford Mustang, accompanied by his family and friends dancing around him. The baraat made its way into the lavishly decorated ballroom for the ceremony filled with red and gold accents, eloquent mandap and stunning floral arrangements. The bride and groom looked resplendent in their bridal finery, traditional Gujarati wedding garments and gold jewelry. The ceremony was reflective of the Gujarati culture with special tribute paid to both sets of parents by the couple.