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Shekha + Chase // An 800 Person Marathon

Planning a wedding isn't easy for most. You then add the elements of two different cultures meshing together, and that adds even more complexities. However, when the mere count of attendees tops over 800 people, it's Mint To Be Events that was trusted upon to make sure the weekend translates into a mountain of success. Meet Shekha and Chase and their Big Fat 800 plus Indian wedding.

The first night was hosted at the Bride's rotunda house. Just look at the color coordination of not only the bride and groom's outfits, but all the guests as well.

The sangeet was a mix of cultures and a wave of guests dress in yellow.

With DJ Dee and DJ Yogz from Boston Sound and Light Company at the helm, the performances were on point and the dancing was non-stop.

The second night we travelled to the Hartford Downtown Marriott for the sangeet sandhiya. For this day, the bride and groom sported their yellow.

And for the sangeet stage, we had the opportunity to work with Design House Decor.

While BSL laid out the sound, professional singers were flown in from India to make the sangeet as authentic as possible.

The young crowd however wanted to party it up, and so DJ Cito and DJ Yogz set up shop in an impromptu Sangeet afterparty and kept the crowd going until the wee hours of the morning.

It is crazy how DJ Cito (a Dominican American), the production manager for BSL took over the decks and rocked Indian and fusion music. Boston Sound and Light Company pushing the boundaries of fusion!

Later than morning, the bride and groom had no option but to get ready for their big day!

Proud parents took it upon themselves to doll up their darling princess.

And off to the races. It just so happens that all the streets of Hartford were shutdown. Not because of our baraat, but because a marathon was being conducted. Mint To Be Events worked with the hotel staff and local police to secure baraat space to make sure the celebrations would not be impacted. Thank you Hartford Police!

Dholi Amar from BSL keeping the tunes banging.

And then we continue into the banquet hall for the ceremony. Oh, Design House, please have some mercy. The gold floor is uncalled for, but we'll take it. Thank you for being as amazing as you are!

Real flowers in a floating mandap.

And PTaufiq Photography capturing the reflection of the ceiling from the gold floor.

And just like that, they are married.

Time for the vidaai to quickly get ready for the reception.

Not so fast, as the bridesmaid wont like the Rolls roll without a, eh hm, a little something.

The reception setup was in progress, but that didn't stop the bride and groom to get a little cozy on the streets of Hartford.

For the cocktail hour, we had a live singer. I think we may have seen him on American Idol? Wait, it is. Season 5's Sam Robbins.

And the reception is ready!

Sam Robbins ready to sing live.

And it was a complete BSL takeover for the reception.

Special thanks to all of the vendors that made this wedding as EPIC as it actually was:





INDIAN CATERING: Chowpatty Foods - NJ



PRIEST: Vidhut Trivedi

And special thanks to our partners in PTaufiq Photography for all the images: