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Annu & Sajith - A Malayalam "Lobster" പാർട്ടി (party)

We were first introduced to Annu and Sajith through the Malayalam community when servicing Anita and Jacob's wedding (read the blog here). Malayalam is a southern state in India, where many Indians are Catholics. And while the traditions are the same as American Caucasian weddings, there is always an Indian influence as to how to spice things up.

When we first met Annu and Sajith, their goal was to have an early morning wedding, with an afternoon reception. The goal for them was to wrap up the formalities and then have the friends go celebrate together in Boston. While that was their plan, we had other ideas...

The ceremony was held at ___________________. Guests then made their way to Tewksbury Country Club, where the minor details spoke volumes.

Of course they are pure New Englanders being Patriot fans.

They referred to each other as "lobsters".

Check out the full party here from this amazing highlight from Films With Heart. Apparently Boston Sound and Light Company went all out in party mode in the afternoon, it more or less cancelled any afterparty plans this couple had.

Thanks to all the amazing vendors:

DJ, Lighting & Dhol - Boston Sound and Light Company

Video - Films With Heart

Hair and Makeup -

Cake -

Church -

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