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At Mint2B, we emphasize process and accountability.  Often when you work with a planner, a lot of the effort cannot be measured.  From the moment you hire us, we treat your event like a project, with an assignment of a Project Manager, a team and a defined list of milestones. 


As with any investment, your event is no different.  It's success is based on your level of input.  At the start of the planning, together we will determine your "Interaction Level".    Based on how much input you want to provide, we will set realistic goals on how and when to complete tasks on your "Milestone Map". 


Mint2B will help monitor the health of your milestones throughout the course of your planning.  If collaboratively, we are falling behind on certain milestones, we engage in healthy conversations to determine impact to the overall timeline and budget.

Full Planning

Boston Indian Wedding Planner

On-day Coordination

Boston Indian Wedding Planner

Mid Planning

Boston Indian Wedding Planner

Destination Weddings

"At Mint2B, our goal is to simply provide you the best creative solution within your timeframe and budget, utilizing the best vendors available to us in the area."

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